18R22,5 pneus (18×22,5) para Tatra 815 TP6

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18R22.5 tyres for Tatra 815 TP6. These tyres were designed and made for the heavy-duty hauling Tatra trucks. They had to carry two to four concrete blocks on their back, and on top of that – tow a trailer with a tank, which weighted more than 40 tonnes combined. Tyres, which were capable to carry such weight, had to be very durable, and now you can buy them for your vehicle.

These tyres were installed on a low mileage Polish Army Tatra 815 TP6, and still have over 90% of their thread. The Barum tyres are from 2007 and the Mitas tyres are from 2012.

This is a great opportunity to equip your favourite vehicle with a set of new wheels. These 18R22.5 tyres are becoming more and rare and expensive every month, so hurry up, before we run out of them.


Shipping of the 18R22.5 tyres for Tatra 815 TP6


The tyres are located in Jarocin, Poland and can be delivered to Germany and most of the EU countries within 3-7 work days. In urgent cases, at additional cost, we can organize a delivery within 48 hours.

Shipping cost will be determined automatically at checkout, depending on your location. It starts at about €200 for eastern parts of Germany.

Estamos localizados em Jarocin, a cerca de 230 quilômetros de Frankfurt (Oder), na auto-estrada E30 (A2) e na auto-estrada S11, portanto, a coleta pessoal também é possível e fácil.


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Barum, Mitas

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