UAZ 469B and UAZ 452 engine with 100hp from Volga

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Today we present you Volga 100 hp for UAZ 469B and UAZ 452 Bukhanka engine.


These engines are a later variant of a standard UAZ motor, and they develop 100 hp, thanks to a different cylinder heads and a few other changes.

They also have a higher, than standard resource of about 150 000 to 200 000 kilometres before a rebuild. This means, that most likely, you’ll never have to do that.

Our Volga engines for UAZ 469B and UAZ 452 come from military power generators. Although made in the 1980s, they were kept in storage in case of a natural catastrophe, or a war, so they worked only for about 20 to 80 hours. This means, that they are basically unused. For all their life, they had all hoses connected, and they were regularly serviced, by the soldiers, so they are like new.

This offer is a great way to upgrade your UAZ with a more powerful and more reliable engine at a bargain. Factory new engines like this cost about €3000. Here you can buy an engine with over 95% of its resource for less, than half of that.

Of course, before sale we do a complete service of these engines.

All of them are tested and serviced like they should be. First we twice replace oil, filters and coolant. Then, we start them and let them run for about an hour, or two to see how are they doing. We also measure compression on each cylinder, to make sure, that everything is ok. After checking all of that, we remove the cylinder head and replace the gasket underneath to a modern one, made with current technologies. On assembly, we also adjust the valves and put on a new gasket under the engine cover. Carburettor and fuel pump are disassembled, cleaned, put back together and adjusted. Original shielded ignition distributor is also tested, adjusted and replaced, if necessary. As well as ignition cables.

After we put everything together we test the engine once again. Thanks to that we can give 12 months warranty on all of our UAZ 469B and UAZ 452 engines.

Shipping: engines will be shipped on a special stand on a Euro palette. Shipping cost in Europe is about €250 to €300, depending on your location. Worldwide shipping is also available, please contact us to receive a shipping quote.

We service these engines after a client’s order, to make sure, that they are in the best possible condition and can be immediately mounted in your car. That is why shipping time is up to 10 works days.

Due to their size and weight we usually ship them on a small truck like Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit. Shipping details will be share on loading, including driver’s name, phone number, car’s type and registration number, with estimated time of arrival.

Weight250 kg

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