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Ural 4320 with KUNG radio box

12 499,00 

The Ural 4320 is the best Russian military truck for sale out there.


Thanks to it powerful diesel engine it is more fuel-efficient, than its predecessors like Zil 131 and Ural 375D. Thanks to its size, it is a perfect truck for all of those, who want to build a motorhome, or attend military shows.
Bigger, than the Gaz 66 and smaller than a Kraz 255, the Ural 4320 provides the ideal amount of space for a family, or a bunch of friends, who want to go for an adventure.
Powered with a 210 hp Kamaz 740 diesel engine, this truck offers outstanding fuel efficiency. Thanks to its matured design, it will perform very well on paved roads and off-road. The Ural 4320 can go to places, where very few trucks can dare. And what is even more important, it can come back under its own strength.
A short video, showing how this URAL drives:
This is a low mileage truck, right from the Polish Army. With only 8340 kilometres on the clock, it will serve its new owner for many years.
We invite you to come, test drive and buy this truck, while you still can. Ural 4320 are rare trucks these days, and this truck won’t be for sale for long.
If you’d like to learn more about the Ural 4320 and its features, please read our blog post on the topic here: [click]
The car is drivable and will be outfitted with “fir” pattern tires. At additional cost of 5500 EUR, we can do a complete service of  this vehicle and make it fully roadworthy.



At additional cost, we can organize shipping of this truck to your location. Please contact us to discuss the details.

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