Ural 375D Flatbed Truck


Mighty Russian 6×6 offroad truck – the Ural 375D. What a beast!

Available on back-order

Behold the mighty Russian Ural 375D truck.

Powered by a 6.5l V8 petrol engines, developing about 180 hp these beasts have been the workhorses of the frightening Soviet Army.

For years these trucks were used to transport troops, supplies, ammunition and even rockets to the various front lines around the world. Wherever the Russians went, they brought their faithful Urals with them. Eastern Europe, Middle East, Cuba, Angola – that’s just a few places, where one could find them.

Now we are presenting one to you, a unique opportunity to own a piece of European military history.  This truck has served with the Polish Army, since then it has been a bit disregarded by it’s owner and it had a very close encounter with a barrel of the famous T-34 tank. Because of that it has a hole in the back of it’s cabin. Despite the bad paint and tires, it has immediately caught our attention as a very good project. Ural 375D is one of the most iconic Russian trucks ever built and we couldn’t pass right by this opportunity.

The flatbed troop carrier version is the most useful of them all, because it retains it’s original transport capabilities. There are very few places, where Ural 375D won’t go, especially in this “lightweight” configuration.

Price: 3997 EUR

As of today the vehicle is under reserve!

This item can be bought only after a personal inspection! 

Please contact us beforehand and we will prepare a test drive for you.

Weight 4800 kg
Dimensions 600 × 265 × 240 cm
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