TAP-57 Army Field Phone

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Straight out of the dark days of Cold War comes this reliable, off the grid, untraceable communication device for Warsaw Pact reenactors, paintball games or people, who want a cool item in their collection.

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This Army field phone can be used as a cool gadget in your military base, game or become an original item in your collection.

Two of these and some cable can enable reliable, off-the grid communication between places up to 1 km distant.

Combined with a switchboard, they can create a vast, independent of electricity network, enabling communication between multiple people and places. How cool is that?

Imagine being able to call your buddy on this old school army field phone. Not having to rely on cellular network, would greatly improve immersion in whatever kind of event, game or a scenario, you’re taking part in.

Gives a bonus of +100 to coolness to whoever uses it.

Disclaimer: these field army phones are used and their visual condition may vary from item to item.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 15 cm


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