Stomil T45 12.00×20 tires for Zil 131 and Star 266

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A very durable heavy-duty off-road tyre with 14 PLY for military vehicles with variable tire inflation systems.

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The Stomil T45 12.00×20 tires are ready for work with variable pressure. These tires were designed and built for heavy-duty vehicles for use by the armed forces, civil defence, fire brigades and law enforcement services.

We collectors, most often use the 12.00×20 tires on vehicles like Zil 131 and Polish Star 266. Unlike their Russian counterparts, which only have 8 layers of canvas in them, these tires have 14 layers, making them much more durable and resistant to damage.



  • directional tread;
  • self-cleaning;
  • good power transmission;
  • resistant to punctures and cuts;
  • excellent traction properties when driving off-road;




Our 12.00×20 tires are not older, than 7 years and come with 24 months warranty.


Shipping of the 12.00×20 tires


The tires are located in Jarocin, Poland and can be delivered to Germany and most of the EU countries within 3-7 work days. In urgent cases, at additional cost, we can organize a delivery within 48 hours.

Shipping cost will be determined automatically at checkout, depending on your location. It starts at about €150  for eastern parts of Germany.

We are located in Jarocin, about 230 kilometres from Frankfurt (Oder) on the E30 motorway (A2) and the S11 motorway, so personal collection is also possible and easy.


Technical data of the Stomil T45 12.00×20 tires:

Season: All seasons
Vehicle type: Industrial
Size: 12.00-20
Number of canvases: 14
Tread pattern: T45
Variety: TT
Rim: 9.0-20
Inner tube: 12.00-20
Protector: F20
Outer diameter new: 1130 [mm]
Outer diameter max. in use: 1155 [mm]
Maximum width new: 330 [mm]
Maximum width in use: 340 [mm] Load capacity
Load capacity: 2400 [kg]
Pressure: 65 [PSI]/4.5 Bar
Maximum speed: 85 [km/h]

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 1130 × 330 × 1130 cm

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