Soviet Civil Defence Gas Mask

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Original, straight from secret Soviet storage, something, that no Stalker can ever leave behind. A mask, that you’ll either love or hate.

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Back in the days of Cold War sight of uniformed man wearing these masks would be a very bad sing. Fortunately these days are long gone and nowadays we can enjoy such unique items in much safer and more comfortable circumstances.

If you ever wanted to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to become a Stalker, this is something you should have. Great piece of equipment for everyone, who wants to feel like a professional Stalker entering the Zone.  Nothing states, that you’re prepared for a nuclear wasteland better, than a proper gas mask. And this one is one of the coolest ever made.

Elegant, simple  to use and effective in convincing whoever you’re facing, that you mean business. There’s no better way of showing people how serious you are about this.

Or just to scare the sh*t out of them! 😉

If like us, you’ve read Strugatsky Broters “Roadside Picnic” as a kid and it stayed with you, this is the thing you should have in your backpack. How many times did you regret not having one, while roaming toxic wastelands of New California Republic, exploring the tunnels of Moscow’s metro or squeezing out of rubble in Chernobyl’s reactor chamber?

Yes, you can leave the wasteland, but the wasteland will never leave you. And that’s why my friend, you need this gas mask.


Please note, that this mask is decades old and does not protect from Nuclear, Biological, Atomic weapons or similar threats. This item is strictly collectible and due to it’s age and expired filter cannot be used for protection!

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Dimensions 35 × 22 × 10 cm

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