Retreaded 15.00×21 tyres for Tatra 813 and Tatra 815

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Retreaded tyres for Tatra 813 and 815 trucks, which combine the genius of original Barum design, with modern-day tyre technologies.

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Why buy retreaded 15.00×21 tyres for your Tatra 813 or 815?

Neither Barum, nor Matador manufacture tyres for Tatras for over 10 years now. Right now the only available option to buy good quality tyres in similar size are the Russian, or Chinese manufacturers. Both of these countries are totalitarian regimes, and we don’t like the idea of supporting their economies, especially now, when Russia has invaded Ukraine.

Besides, these products have a lot of faults by themselves. Both Tyrex and Kama tyres are too wide for Tatra trucks, and although they look very good on the vehicle, they wear out asymmetrically, which can cause problems during driving and at the MOT/TUV. The Chinese tyres, on the other hand, have a lot of troubles with their quality, so they also aren’t a good option in the long term.

That’s how we came up with the idea to retread the fairly new Matador MP 913 tyres. Their carcasses are very strong and are almost indestructible, but the rubber tread wears out pretty quickly. These tyres usually last for between 5 and 10 000 kilometres, less if they are 10-20 years old.

The solution to this problem is to retread them with a modern-day solution, which utilizes all advancements in tyre technology, made since this design was originally conceived in the 1960s.


Advantages of the retreaded Matador MP 913 15.00×21 tyres:

  • higher tread than the original – 23,9 mm, instead of 19 mm;
  • stronger tread, which can sustain more damage from the tarmac, gravel and rocks;
  • better handling and performance on paved roads;
  • better self-cleaning capabilities in sand, mud and in similar circumstances;
  • capability to use the Central Tyre Inflation System, which is severely limited with products like Kama and Tyrex;

To make sure, that our customers receive the best possible tyres, we carefully inspect each tyre before starting the retreading process, and we choose only the ones, which have no damage to the internal and side surfaces. All the tyres, which we use, are from the last years of production, from 2006 onwards. Thanks to that, the carcass will last for years, and combined with modern-day tyre tread, they give a much better tyres, than the originals.


Shipping the retreaded 15.00×21 tyres


Right now, we have two large orders from foreign customers, which are fulfilling almost all of our production capability. That is why we take only a limited number of additional orders in a given time, up to 40 tyres per month. We need two weeks to manufacture the ordered tyres and another 2-4 work days to deliver them to you in continental Europe. If you are further away, this period might be longer, depending on your location, you can contact us here, if you’d like to ask a specific question about the delivery. Don’t wait and order your tyres now, because the production cue is complementing very fast.

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 125 × 36 × 125 cm

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