GP-7 Soviet Black Gas Mask – Only few left!


Original, straight from secret Soviet storage, something, that no Stalker can ever leave behind. A mask, that you’ll either love or hate.

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The GP-7 Soviet Army gas mask was designed to protect its user from biological and chemical agents for an extended period of time.

Contrary to most equipment offered on the market nowadays it is NOT a one use, throwaway product. It’s a professional, multi-use protection gear, which can be worn multiple times. Even in these times of pandemic, almost every day we have to walk a dog, or shop for groceries. GP-7 gas masks were designed to withstand severe conditions of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical battlefield. The threats, which we are facing now, however severe, are nothing alike in comparison.



This proven design will be more than enough to defeat germs and other threats, you might meet in your every day life. Social distancing is very important, yet wearing one of these Bulldog gas masks will definitely help you to protect yourself and your loved ones. Multi-layered, thick filters, a layer of rubber and glass to protect your face, eyes and mouth are much better, than standard, disposable cloth masks offered today. Wearing this mask you can’t touch your face, eyes or cough at anybody else.

And you’ll certainly do it in great style. Going out in one of these masks certainly can make you a star. 😉 These days life can be very hard, so why not season it with a touch of flamboyancy?

Built in exhale valve prevents fogging of eyepieces and allows easier communication with other people. The five strap harness in the back allows tight seal. When on, the mask sits comfortably on the face.


  • All around protection, including eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Thick, multilayered filters, which are much stronger, than single layer, disposable masks offered on the market nowadays;
  • Can be worn multiple times – you can wear one for days, all you have to do is clean it outside with alcohol, after you come home;
  • Cost-effectiveness – in longer period of time, this is a lot cheaper solution, than small disposable masks;
  • Sense of security – wherever you go, you can always feel safe and secured;
  • Style – you’ll certainly be one of a kind,  when you walk in one of our masks;



Although these gas masks are unused, due to their age they might have some color variations or minor cosmetic damage, which only gives them more character.

Please note, that these Bulldog gas masks are equipped with new and unused, although expired filters. They cannot be used by the military anymore, but will provide protection from potential  threats, which you might come across.

For the ease of use masks are covered with talc powder inside. Each set comes in a cloth bag and contains:

  • GP-7 mask
  • set of two, vacuum packed filters;
  • user manual;
  • two extra eyepieces;
  • talc powder



We ship our masks within 24h of receiving an order.

Most of EU and US will receive them within 3-5 work days.

Canada and Australia will receive items within 7-14 days.

For bulk orders, please contact us by email or phone.


Be responsible, protect yourself and buy one now!



Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 10 cm

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