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R-124 tank internal phone

 120.00 VAT Exempt

The intercom for Russian Tanks

The complete R-124 tank internal phone for Russian Tanks and APC’s like T-55, BMP-1, BRDM-2 or MT-LB.

The set contains:

  • one A1 box
  • two A2 boxes
  • cables to connect them all
  • cable to connect them to the R-123 radio set

Shipping of the R-124 tank internal phone


The tyres are located in Jarocin, Poland and can be delivered to Germany and most of the EU countries within 3-7 work days. In urgent cases, at additional cost, we can organize a delivery within 48 hours.

Shipping cost will be determined automatically at checkout, depending on your location. It starts at about €20  for Germany.

We are located in Jarocin, about 230 kilometres from Frankfurt (Oder) on the E30 motorway (A2) and the S11 motorway, so personal collection is also possible and easy.

Weight 15.01 kg

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