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R-123 Radio for Russian Military Vehicles

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The R-123 radio was widely used in Soviet and Warsaw Pact tanks and armoured vehicles like T-55 tanks, BMP-1, OT-64, MT-LB, BRDM-2. They were even used on many soft-skin vehicles like Gaz 69 and UAZ 469.

The R-123 radio station was designed to provide non-coded and coded (with T-219 device) phonic radio communication on tactical levels. The radio station ensured continuous, reliable two-way radio communication both while stationary and on the move, with the radio station of the same type and with other radio stations, working in the same frequency range and with frequency modulation.

The R-123z radio station was an ultra shortwave, transmit/receive, phonic radio station, with frequency modulation and with noise suppressor.

The radio station operated in the frequency range from 20.0 MHz to 51.5 MHz and had 1261 operating waves spaced every 25 kHz.

This is a complete set along with the base, power supply and their cables. Condition unknown, for display and collecting purposes only.


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