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PVN-57A tank driver’s night vision goggles

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PVN-57A night vision goggles were created for tank drivers to drive at night in full dark.


To work properly, they require an external source of infrared light, such as FG-127 searchlight mounted on a T-54/55/62, BRDM-2, MT-LB or BMP.

Based on the TSh-4 Russian Tank helmet, which we also have available in our store, it is a relatively simple yet effective way to drive safely at night.

PVN-57A comes in a dedicated metal box, which makes it very easy to handle. It is powered by 27V feeder present in every armoured vehicle of Soviet/Russian origin.

A cool thing to have, if you own a Russian military vehicle, or are an enthusiast of those. This could be a great element of your collection.



All our PVN-57A night vision goggles are NOS (New Old Stock), which means that they were never used, and might have some discolouration due to long period of storage. We cannot guarantee, if they are in working condition, all items are sold “as is” and no warranty is applied.
These PVN-57 goggles were manufactured in Poland, Czechoslovakia and USSR. They will be chosen on random basis, and we cannot guarantee, from which country will yours come.



The PVN-57 night vision googles will be shipped within 5 work days, due to a high demand on them and other our products.

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