Original Fuel Filter for Russian Tank Engines

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Take care of your engine and remember about replacing the fuel filters at least twice a year.

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Original fuel filter for Russian tank engines. Fits all of their 6 and 12 cylinder engines made for vehicles like T-34, PT-76, T-54, T-55, T-62, T-72, Shilka, 2K12 Kub and many others.

It also fits the BMP family of vehicles. Here’s a short list of engines, which can use it:

  • V-2 and V-2-34
  • V-6 and V-6R (these are actually straight six engines)
  • V-54, V-55 and it’s derivatives
  • V-46-6
  • S-12U
  • D12A-525A for Maz 537 and 543
  • UTD-20

Made in 2019 out of felt rings and cardboard spacers, can be washed up to two times. As we all know  these Russian tank engines need a filter replacement at least twice a year, so don’t wait and buy yours now!

12 months warranty, shipping within 48 hours.

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