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MK-4M periscope for T-55 tank, BRDM-2 and MT-LB

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The MK-4M periscope was created for the T-55 tank and later was implemented in many other armoured vehicles of the Soviet and Warsaw Pact Armies.

What is an MK-4M periscope?


The MK-4 periscope is a post – Wolrd War 2 evolution of the MK-4 device, copied by the Soviets from Vickers MK-4 periscope. It is a simplified version, without the sliding down prism, which allowed to look behind the tank, without having to turn around inside the turret. If you’d like to buy the T-34 version, please click here: [click].

The original periscope of was invented by Polish engineer Rudolf Gundlach, who has designed for Polish 7TP light tank. Just before the war, its blueprints were supplied to the British. And the Soviets admitted, openly, that they have copied it from tanks supplied by their western allies. Ironically, this design came back to Poland with the Soviet supplied tanks.

Great opportunity for collectors, who want to own a piece of a Russian tank on a bargain. Besides tanks, one can find them on Warsaw Pact vehicles like BRDM-2, MT-LB, MT-LBu, 2S1 Gvozdika, OT-64 SKOT and others.




Although old, these periscopes are unused, New Old Stock condition. They are all still covered in the original protective packaging, so they are complete and like new.



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