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Keep Calm and Tank On Coffee Mug

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Feeling a bit nostalgic about how tank crews use to drink their beverages? Than this mug is exactly for you!

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Feeling stressed out before an important game? Is your mouth dry? Are you thirsty?

Here, calm down and have a cup of your favourite beverage from one of our magnificent Keep Calm and Tank On mugs, because you deserve it.

You’ll love how they feel in your hand, this sturdy, classic design will survive almost everything. Made of stainless steel covered in enamel coating our mugs will serve you for years. Doesn’t matter, if  you’re currently repairing your tank or slaughtering enemy masses in your favourite computer game, these mugs have you covered.

Practical and a bit of a maverick at the same time – ain’t it just perfect for you? Some may call you a loose cannon, but we both know, that you’re a free spirit, who knows, what he wants in life. Tee? Coffee? A Beer? Or maybe something stronger? Whatever you drink, this mug is your number one option in all conditions. In addition, you’ll do it in real tanker manner.

Forget generic, out of the local supermarket mugs, which tell nothing about you and your personality. Instead, choose this classic, minimalistic design, which clearly communicates about your hobby and greatest passion. You can take our mugs to a picnic, a mechanical workshop or on your outdoor hike, and you’ll always drink with unmistakeable style.

A bit of technical data:
  • made of 100% stainless steel covered in enamel;
  • flat, very high quality and durable pattern, thanks to sublimation printing;
  • capacity 300 ml/10 oz;
  • can be packed as a gift for someone close to you;
  • international shipping within 72 hours, you’ll receive a tracking number to your mailbox immediately after we dispatch your mug;
  • dimensions: height 80 mm, diameter 86 mm, weight 144 g;

This is a limited series of only 100 mugs, so don’t wait and grab yours while you still can!

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 86 × 86 × 80 cm
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