K131 carburettor for UAZ 469, UAZ 452 and Volga

275.62$ VAT Exempt

The K131 carburettor can be used with a variety of engines installed in Soviet vehicles like GAZ 69, UAZ 469, UAZ 452 and Gaz 24 Volga and its derivatives. Other than replacing a worn out K131 this carb can also replace some older models for higher engine power and fuel efficiency.

This is a single-barrel model, so it needs a proper intake manifold. The best way to check if this carburettor will fit your engine is to check how many mounting holes does yours have, or take off the air filter, look inside your carb and check how many barrels does it have.

This K131 carburettor was manufactured in the “good old days” of the Soviet Union, and therefore is of much better quality, than its modern-day Chinese copies. It was made in an era, when metals were cheap, nobody cared about cutting manufacturing costs, and you could find yourself enjoying a years long holiday in Siberia, if your production quality failed the military standards.

Shipping of the K131 carburettor


The parts are located in Jarocin, Poland and can be delivered to Germany and most of the EU countries within 3-7 work days. In urgent cases, at additional cost, we can organize a delivery within 48 hours.

Shipping cost will be determined automatically at checkout, depending on your location. It starts at about €15 for eastern parts of Germany.

We are located in Jarocin, about 230 kilometres from Frankfurt (Oder) on the E30 motorway (A2) and the S11 motorway, so personal collection is also possible and easy.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm

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