Head gaskets for V-34, V-54 and V-55 engines

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A set of unused (new old stock) head gaskets for Russian tracked vehicles equipped with straght 6 cylinder and V12 engines mounted in tanks and tractors.

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This is a set of two unused (New Old Stock) head gaskets for V-54 and V-55 engines.

They will also fit any other engine of this series, including:

  • V-2, V-2-34M and V-2-34M1 engines for T-34 and T-34/85, SU-85, SU-100 and series of recovery and engineering vehicles based on this chassis;
  • W-54T and W-54Mazur engines for D-350 Mazur heavy artillery tractor, BAT-M, MDK-2M and other engineering vehicles and tractors based on ATT-409 chassis;
  • W-54A engine for T-54
  • W-54AM1 and AM2 engines for T-54AM1 and AM2
  • W-55, W-55A, W-55WAX engines for T-55 and T-55 AM(including Merida and Kladivo versions)
  • A-650-1 engine for ATS-59 artillery tractor
  • V-6, V-6M engines for PT-76 and 2K12 KUB (SA-6 GECKO in NATO codes);
  • V-6R and V-6R1 engines for GM-575 chassis
  • PV-6 engines for Czechoslovakian TOPAS
  • D12A-525A engines for Maz 543 heavy duty truckTo completely replace these in your engine you will also need a set of rubber rings, which can also be found in our store.
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 8 cm
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