Gaz 66 High Radio Body Truck

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Called the Russian Unimog, Gaz 66 is in many aspects much better, than it’s German counterpart, which make this little truck an ideal base for a camper.

Available on back-order

Here’s a very good condition Gaz 66 for sale.

Nowadays it’s very difficult to find such trucks in very good condition. For years Polish Army has been selling them and finally they are slowly running out of vehicles to sell.

It makes this Gaz 66 even more unique. Low mileage, well preserved, no rust – these are very rare characteristics. And this is an ideal base for your next expedition vehicle.

Doesn’t mater if you want to take it to a local lake to fish with your friends, or do you want to travel around the globe – Gaz 66 is an excellent choice. Designed to withstand conditions from -40 to plus 50 Celsius this little truck can go almost anywhere.

Price: 6197 EUR

As of today the vehicle is under reserve!

This item can be bought only after a personal inspection! 

Please contact us beforehand and we will prepare a test drive for you.


Weight 3500 kg
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