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Customizable Russian Tank Helmets for T-34,T-54, T-55, BMP-1, MT-LB, BRDM-2

104.31$112.00$ VAT Exempt

The iconic Russian tank helmet, exactly like the ones you have seen in every war film or tv series featuring Russian tanks.

Today we offer you Russian tank helmets for T-34, T-54, T-55, BMP-1, MT-LB, BRDM-2 and other machines based on these vehicles like ARV’s, bridging tanks and Chinese copies of Russian Tanks.


Have you ever wondered, how is it to be a Russian tankmen?


Well, now it’s your chance, because you can finally wear a tank helmet exactly like the ones they use. Besides minor details, these Russian tank helmets haven’t changed a lot since WW2 and T-34 tanks. Nowadays even crews of T-72, T-80 and T-90 still wear headgear, which has its roots deep before the days of The Great Patriotic War. A must-have item for fans of Warsaw Pact armoured vehicles and collectors.

When the military shows will come back, you’ll want to have one ready for use. Built-in throat microphones allow living the unique experience of Soviet tankers, while talking to your friends. It won’t be the highest sound quality you ever experienced, I can promise you that! But that’s not the point, isn’t it?

Some of us will use these in their vehicles, some will just want to have fun and look cool, others want to play their favourite game. To which of these groups do you belong to?

Protecting your head and hearing, these Russian tank helmets are surprisingly comfortable to wear. They’ll spare you the bruises, allow speaking to others, and immediately identify you as a tankmen. Grab yours, while you still can!


Customizable Russian Tank Helmets


Our Russian tank helmets can be customized to your needs. Whether you want to give an unusual gift to your loved one, or want it for yourself, now you can add a name, logo or favourite sentence on your helmet for just €25.

For another €40 we can also add a modern microphone equipped with a mini jack cable, which allows you to play your favourite online games in a historically accurate head cover. These are a great option for World of Tanks and War Thunder players. You can find them here: [click]
Examples can be seen in the product gallery.

To customize your helmet, please choose the proper option in the menu above and enter the desired text in the comments section at checkout. If you’d like to add a graphics, then please email us at store@fourtankmen.com

These Russian tank helmets require R-124 intercom to be able to talk to the other crew members in one vehicle or for example R-123 series radio to be able to speak with crews of other vehicles. They are equipped with a four pin plug.

We also modify these Russian tank helmets for gamers, if you’d like one with modern-day microphone and headphones, please click [here].


The condition of our Russian Tank Helmets


All our Russian tank helmets are NOS (New Old Stock), which means that they were never used, and might have some discolouration due to long period of storage. They are however in working condition, so if you own a Russian tank, or want to own one in the future, you’ll be able to use yours in your vehicle. Right now we are offering the winter version, which is laid out with sheep fur and summer version, which is much better for current weather. If you’d like to receive the winter version, please add that as a comment at checkout.

The tank helmets were manufactured in Poland, Czechoslovakia and USSR. They will be chosen on random basis, and we cannot guarantee, from which country will yours come.




We usually ship these within two days, but due to high demand and COVID-19 restrictions, shipping time may take up to 10 work days. A tracking code will be provided for the chosen method of shipping.

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 15 cm

s, L, M, XL


Yes, No

Size Chart

Size S: 50-52 cm head size | Size M: 52-54 cm head size | Size L: 56-58 cm head size | Size XL: 59-62 cm head size |

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