BAT-M High Speed Engineering Vehicle

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38.88 litres V12, 420 hp, 27 tonnes and top speed of over 40 km/h. Big toy for the big boys.

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Back in the late 40s the Soviet’s realized, that they need a high speed tractor to push the western imperialists to the sea.

After some tinkering with smaller and lighter vehicles, they decided to build a family of special vehicles based on the components of the T-54 medium tank.

One of the most remarkable members of this family full of beasts is the BAT-M. Weighting almost 27 tonnes this behemoth can push, pull and lift ridiculous amounts of dirt, sand or cargo.  Because of it’s sheer size every BAT-M vehicle has to be transported on two separate low loaders. This one had it’s earth moving head removed and we are currently awaiting it’s delivery.
This particular vehicle had fairly low mileage, but it is in remarkably well condition. The engine has no leaks and works smoothly. The radiator is like new, like the tracks and also the road wheels. It will serve it’s new owner for many, many years.

Price: 16997 EUR

As of today the vehicle is under reserve!

This item can be bought only after a personal inspection! 

Please contact us beforehand and we will prepare a test drive for you.

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