1942 Russian Field Repair Manual for T-34 tank

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Extremely rare find! WW2 era field repair manual of the iconic T-34 Russian tank.

This is definitely not one of those books, which you can find in your next door book store.

Printed in the chaos of the Eastern Front, when millions of soldiers fought for their lives and their motherlands. This book somehow managed to survive the carnage of the war and here it is, waiting for you to buy it.

A must have for T-34 owners, collectors of military vehicles or fans of WW2 memorabilia.

You won’t find one anywhere else!

Imaging holding in your hands a piece of history, which was publish right at the time, where German forces were blocking Leningrad and pushing towards Stalingrad and Caucasus Mountains to suffocate the USSR. In these perilous times Soviet Motorized and Armoured Forces Command had issued this book for it’s newly trained soldiers – drivers, loaders, gunners and tank commanders. Soldiers who will soon begin operation Uranus, trapping Paulus’ 6th Army in a pocket. Pocket, which will the beginning of the end for Wermacht and Nazi Germany.

Many of these soldiers learned their crafts from one of these books and now you have a one of a kind opportunity to own one for yourself. Don’t miss it!

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