13.00×18 tires for BRDM-2 (Spw-40), BTR-60 (Spw-60), OT-64 SKOT and Gaz 66


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New 13.00×18 tires for BRDM-2 (Spw-40), BTR-60 (Spw-40) and OT-64 SKOT armoured personnel carriers.

They can also be installed on a Gaz 66 instead of the original 12.00×18 tires.

This is a great opportunity to equip your favourite vehicle with a set of new wheels. These 13.00×18 tires are becoming more and rare and expensive, so hurry up, before we run out of them.

We have both Russian and Czech made tires for these vehicles, we will ship them in sets from the same manufacturer. If you prefer one, or the other country of origin, please specify that in the comments section at checkout.




Our 13.00×18 tires are not older, than 5 years and come with 24 months warranty.


Shipping of the 13.00×18 tires


The tires are located in Jarocin, Poland and can be delivered to Germany and most of the EU countries within 3-7 work days. In urgent cases, at additional cost, we can organize a delivery within 48 hours.

Shipping cost will be determined automatically at checkout, depending on your location. It starts at about €150  for eastern parts of Germany.

We are located in Jarocin, about 230 kilometres from Frankfurt (Oder) on the E30 motorway (A2) and the S11 motorway, so personal collection is also possible and easy.


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