Military Cars

Russian, Polish, Czechoslovakian and similar military cars. Uaz 469, Uaz 452, Gaz 69, Luaz and others. Looking for an ex-military 4×4 car? Here’s a few of new toys to choose from. We find that these cars are the easiest and cheapest way to get into Russian military vehicles. Cheap to run, easy to maintain and definitely very fun to drive. You can go and get your groceries, commute to your job everyday and go wild on the weekend off-road. A lot of possibilities in so small package, that will easily fit into your garage or a lawn in front of your house. Some of them can even swim and cross a lake by themselves. How cool is that? These military cars are unique, rare and definitely more entertaining, than another Mercedes G-Wagon or LandRover Defender. So come in and see it for yourself, but be warned – once hooked on them, you’ll always stay.

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