Help Ukrainian Army and get yourself a piece of a BMP-1, or T-72

I think, that we all know what is happening in Ukraine since 24th of February, and we’re all daily checking the news to see, how the brave Ukrainian people struggle to repel the Russian aggression. Now it has been over 100 days since the beginning of the war and the general interest in the events in Ukraine has started to decline. That’s why we have decided to offer you a chance to help Ukraine in its war effort and at the same time own something from a BMP-1, T-55 and T-72 tanks.

When Russia unprovoked invaded Ukraine, we were stunned. I personally spent most of the first week of the invasion obsessively checking the news and various OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) sources, which offered a much better picture of the situation, than the mainstream media. I barely had any time, or focus, to work. Soon the refugees started to flow to Poland, and we realized, that nothing will be the same. Being in the business of collector’s military vehicles, I felt, that we have a moral obligation to help. We donated some money, shipped protection gear and helped with transporting the people in need.

Now we have a new idea. Why not directly help the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Of course, we can’t send them tanks, ammunition or spare parts, but at least we can send them money to replenish the defence fund. Most of our readers and clients are fans and collectors of military equipment. So we thought, that we’ll propose something addressed directly to you.

In our stock, we have numerous spare parts for vehicles like BMP-1 IFV, or T-55 and T-72 tanks. These are the vehicles, which are used every day by the heroic soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now, we give you the opportunity to own a piece of one of such vehicles and help the Ukrainian Army at the same time. We will donate 30% of the profits from all the products listed below to the National Bank’s of Ukraine fund to support the country’s war effort – details are here: click.

At the end of each week, we will post a summary, and a proof of completing the payment to the National Bank’s of Ukraine account dedicated towards helping the modernization fund of the Ukrainian Army. This way you’ll know, that your money will be put to a good use.

Buy parts from BMP-1 and T-72 tank and at the same time help Ukraine

Each of the spares listed below is in a good enough condition to be used or put in a glass cabinet by a collector, but in not good enough shape to be used in combat. The six items, which you’ll find below, are specifically dedicated to the BMP-1, which along the BMP-2 and BTR-4 is one of the most common IFV’s used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Buy something for your collection and help the Ukrainians defend their country!

Maybe you’d prefer something tank related?

I know, that the BMP’s are cool, but maybe you’d want something heavier? We are here for you, happy to fulfil your needs. ­čÖé All six items below are made for the T-55, T-64 and/or T-72 tanks. All items like these, are being used by the Ukrainian tank corps, every day.

Something for those of you, who want to help Ukraine, but don’t need a few kilos of steel at home

I know, that not everyone has the space, or the desire to put something, that weights 5, 10 or even 20 kilograms in his or hers home. That’s why we want to propose buying one of the t-shirts below to help the brave Ukrainian soldiers. As always, 30% of the profits will go directly to the National Bank of Ukraine fund, which supports their Army.

Help Ukraine with us

Buy something unique for your collection and help Ukraine war's effort.

Thank you for your interest in our initiative. We sincerely hope, that you have found something interesting in the items above and, that we’ll be able to help Ukraine and its brave Armed Forces together. Even a small contribution can make a difference, when made by many people, so please share information about this post among your friends. Together we can have a small, but meaningful impact on the course of this fight, we can help to save the lives and health of many innocent people. Let’s show together, that we are not indifferent to the war crimes and genocide committed by the Russians!

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