Roues GK-1180×165 pour canons russes WW2 F-22 et M1938 (M30)


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Rare opportunity to buy like new wheels for vintage Russian WW2 guns and howitzers.

F-22 (M1936) was a 76 mm divisional gun was the first Russian artillery piece with sprung suspension. After the start of Barbarossa about 1500 from the total number of about 2900 ever produced, were captured by the Germans. Werhmacht named them  7.62 cm FK 296(r), after some time most were modified to 7,62 cm PaK 36(r). Some of them ended up on board of Marder II and Marder III tank destroyers.

M-30 or M1938 in western typology, was a mass-produced divisional 122 howitzer, which saw action long after World War 2, probably some of them are still in use today.

Specimens captured by the Germans were called 12,2 cm s.F.H.396(r), many of them saw service on the Atlantic Wall and fell into the hands of western Allies.

M-30 howitzers were widely used in Polish Army till early 2000s, so wheels for them were regularly rebuilt to keep them in readiness. Thanks to this, rubber is like new and wheels are ready to be installed.

Only for museums and private collectors, very rare items these days, as most of these guns have been “upgraded” to ugly 1200×20 fully pneumatic wheels.

Price per unit, shipping cost will be set individually, because of the weight of these wheels (about 120 kg each!).

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Expédition uniquement par camion, pas d'UPS ou de DHL.

Nous faisons de notre mieux pour expédier ces roues le plus rapidement possible, mais en raison du COVID-19, l'expédition peut s'étendre à environ 10 jours ouvrables.

Poids 120 kg
Dimensions 118 × 16.5 × 118 cm

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