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Where passion meets professionalism

- Our Mission -

To provide the best possible products and services to collectors and fans of military vehicles worldwide.

We achieve this, by delivering high quality products on time and at affordable prices. Our service package is meticulously crafted to suit the needs of our clients. Additional value comes from our customer care, which is on the highest level. All of this to provide full satisfaction to our clients

- Our Vision -

To become the most valued seller of collectable military vehicles by bringing the best of East and West together, to create new level of quality.


  • We are a Polish brand, we build our success in Poland and abroad thanks to our unique experience and dedication.
  • We never stop working on getting our clients the best products and services.
  • We are tankmen and we are proud of it.

Why the name?

It all began about 30 years ago when we were children. As all Polish boys we wanted to become Janek, Gustlik, Olgierd or Grigorij – members of the famous crew of “Rudy 102” (“Red 102”) T-34 tank. They were the main characters of “Four tankmen and a dog” (“Czterej pancerni i pies”) tv series, which aired every summer on Polish tv.  Throughout three seasons they valiantly fought the Wehrmacht and SS, became best friends and found the love of their lifes. So we would spend entire summer pretending to be liberating our country in a tank and chasing Nazis back to Berlin.

The show was actually incredibly unrealistic – basically it’s a story of a few people in a tank, which single handedly won the entire war. Not to mention the Soviet propaganda – brotherhood of Polish and Russian nations is emphasized very strongly – without even a glimpse of what was actually happening behind the front line. But regardless of it’s faults it was a great show and we all loved it.

Some fairytales stay with you for years and that was the case for us. It taught us the utmost respect for the brave men and women, who fight for our freedom and love for all of military vehicles.

Now we want to share our love with others and help you to fulfil your dream about having your own unique military vehicle.

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