10 Reasons Why You Do Want to Own a Russian Tank

1. They’re freaking awesome!

Yes, they are. There’s something special in the way you feel, when you’re driving around in a 40 tonne steel monster. That feeling of invincibility, power and control can be simply intoxicating. In that moment you feel like nothing can stop you, nothing is impossible and you can conquer the entire world. Pretty cool isn’t it? Not to mention the ton of adrenaline, joy and other emotions, which flood your organism with a lot of happiness each time you sit in the driver’s seat. Who wouldn’t want that?

2. They immediately gather attention

Whatever you think about them, you have to admit one thing – wherever they show up, they immediately gather the attention of everyone nearby. Kids, youngsters, adults and elderly people are equally interested. Heads are turning, people are drawn to your vehicle and start to flood you with questions. Many want to go for a spin with you. If you’re into that kind of experiences, then Russian tanks and military vehicles are definitely for you.

3. They’re simply built, rugged and reliable

Contrary to a popular belief, most of these vehicles were very well-built and didn’t diverge much in this matter from most of their western counterparts. In fact, some of them were a lot better (hey Chieftain and Leyland L60 fans, we ARE talking to you!), than their brothers from the other side of the Iron Curtain. Most people don’t realize how much care does a tank require. Without regular maintenance and checkups, all heavy vehicles will start to misbehave very soon and at some point will die on you. But when you give them proper TLC, they’ll serve you for years and years.

4. They are relatively cheap to operate

Compared to their western counterparts, of course. Lower mass has its benefits, other than lower ground pressure. A T-55 tank in standard conditions will consume about 300-330l of diesel per every 100 km off-road, that number reduces to about 200l on paved roads. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But on the other hand, answer yourself – how often will you drive the bloody thing? Probably a few times a season, isn’t it? That means, that you’ll probably make 200-400 km a year max. That doesn’t make a huge fuel bill, doesn’t it? Especially today, when oil prices are falling at a very high pace. Of course, you can buy something smaller, cheaper and a lot less thirsty, where these numbers will be a lot lower.

5. They are smaller and easier to transport than their western counterparts

Once you have a tank, probably you’d like to take it out for a spin some time. Probably in a company of your friends or other like-minded people. The best place for that would be a military vehicle show, but how to get there, when you can’t drive on roads? On a low loader, of course! Unfortunately that means a lot of costs and paperwork, if you’re going to transport a 50+ tonnes behemoth, which takes 2/3 of the road for himself. Fortunately, Russian tanks are smaller and therefore a lot easier and cheaper to transport.

6. They can perform useful real life duties

Did you think, that Russian tanks in civilian life are just big, useless and smoky toys? Well, then you were wrong, my friend. Tanks can perform a number of useful tasks. From performing on military vehicle shows, starring in movies and historical re-enactment, building a pipeline to saving lives, while extinguishing fires. I bet, that all of you heard about the tanks used to extinguish flaming oil wells in Kuwait, but have you ever seen a tank carrying two 20 m gas pipes on its back? If you didn’t, then have a look below.

7. You’ll meet lots of new, interesting people

Having a hobby is like going to a house party, but having a passion is like going to the wildest music festival, you’ve ever been to. A passion for Russian military vehicles will let you meet and befriend many equally passionate people, with whom you can spend time, discuss the pros and cons of owning one and have fun together. Sooner or later you’ll realize, that you have around you a friendly bunch of people, who are willing to help in case of an emergency, with whom you can do the maintenance, fool around while driving, or just sit and have a cold beer. Because, that’s what friends are for.

8. Nobody f*cks with a tank

Difficult time call for difficult measures. Annoying neighbour? Intrusive ex? Nothing solves and argument like a tank. 😉
As Bob Dylan used to sing, “The Times Are A-Changin” – the last few weeks have painfully taught us, that they are. As it looks today (26th of March 2020) the worst is still to come and no one knows how things are going to work out. If everything goes to shit, what could be better to protect your loved ones, than a tank? Nobody would like to cross you in one of them. And if they try to, well it’s their choice…

9. Chicks dig tanks 😉

It might not be politically correct, but yes – tanks do attract ladies. Often a lot more, than an expensive sports car, or flashy clothing. So if you like attention of the opposite sex, buy yourself a tank. 😉 Apparently there’s something attractive in the commitment needed to own and maintain one of these beasts. 😉

10. Last but not least – you don’t need to own an actual tank to benefit from all of this.

An APC like MT-LB or BMP-1, off-road truck like Zil 131 or Ural 375D, or even an UAZ 469 or Gaz 69 – all of them can give you a similar set of perks, emotions, friends and experiences. They are a lot smaller, cheaper and easier to maintain, while still providing a lot of fun and crazy actions, which you’ll be able to talk about for years. So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself one now! 

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