10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Buy a Russian Tank

Or any other military vehicle for that matter. Surprised?
Read this text to see, why we think, this might be a valid case. Our long experience with them tought us a few lessons, which we want to share with you today.

1. Russian Tanks are bloody expensive.

It is the hard truth, times of cheap Russian, Polish or Czechoslovakian armour are gone. These days some vehicles cost 2-5 times more, than they used to cost 10 years ago. That is, if there are any available for sale, because often it’s not that easy to find a specific type or version of a  tank or car, which you’d like to buy. And if you find one, the price tag might give you a heart attack – 90 000 € for a BMP-1 – I’ve seen such advert a few weeks ago. If you’d like to buy a good condition and reasonably priced military vehicle feel free to visit vehicle section of our store.

2. They are very difficult to ship to your country.

Imagine, that you have to organize shipping for a 40 tonne, 3,5m wide, and 11m long cargo through three countries, each with different set of rules and permissions needed. Sounds like a terrible headache, doesn’t it?
Now imagine, that this load you’re shipping is a Main Battle Tank. That adds layers upon layers of complications to an already difficult task. Export license, end user license, International Import Certificate, Transit License – a mountain of paperwork, which you have to fill yourself, or outsource to a specialized company. My advice – outsource, you’ll avoid a tonne of potential problems including imprisonment (sic!) and you’ll be able to get your vehicle home safely and faster, than you would, if you’d try to do everything yourself.

3. There are no spare parts in your location.

Well, when you’re buying something that was designed and built to be used by the Red Army, then there’s a big chance, that there are virtually no spare parts available in your country. And I’m not talking about Fire Control System for your brank new T-90 main battle tank, even something so simple as a radiator or ignition distributor for UAZ might be a problem. What to do about that? Fortunately there are some reliable suppliers, which can quickly ship parts to you internationally. Some, like us, even accept credit card payments to ensure 100% transparency and security to our customers. If you’re after spare parts for your Eastern Block vehicle, please visit “Parts” section of our store.

4. People will tell you, you’re having a midlife crisis.

Even if they do so what? At least you’re not buying a Ferrari to drive your 20 years younger mistress shopping, aren’t you? 😉 In my opinion, if one has to go through experience like this, it’s best to go through it with style and vigor like nobody  else. These days everyone can rent a flashy car and hire some models do pose before it. But a tank requires hard work and a level of commitment unavailable to the average poser on the internet. Owning a tank is a very different, unique experience.

5. You’re neighbours will hate you.

Especially if you’re going to run “engine test” at 6 am each weekend to make sure, your beloved beauty is in good shape. I love the smell of diesel in the morning like every other tank fan, but let’s not get too much ahead of ourselves, shall we?
On the other hand, nothing says, that you’re right, like a tank in your garden. Particularly if the turret mysteriously moves itself during the night in a specific direction. 😉

6. Military vehicles are very heavy drinkers.

You know, what they are saying about us, Eastern Europeans, right? A T-72 during an intense exercise on training ground can consume almost 1000 kg (sic!) of fuel per 100 km travelled. Yes, you read this right, kilograms, not litres. That’s about 2000 pounds of fuel, not to mention oils and other consumables, which have to be frequently filled in or replaced. But hey! No worries, we have you covered in the filters department.

7. They’ll consume all of your free time.

Yes, they are and there’s no getting out of it. When you buy a big, heavy military vehicle built by the Ruskies, it immediately becomes your favourite toy and you want to spend with it as much of your time as you can. It’s a bit like being in a new relationship – you’re very happy, a bit insecure and full of hope, that this joy will last forever.
There’s nothing wrong with that, man needs to have a hobby, it’s just best to remember about other people and responsibilities in our lives.
Want to make sure, that this state of nearly euphoria stays with you as long as possible? have a look at our Services page to see, what we can do for you.

8. Sooner or later you’ll want to own another one.

Oh, please don’t lie to yourself, we both know you will. And from my experience this desire will come rather sooner, than later. How do I know? Been there, done that. 😉
Actually we’re even worse, because we have contact with these beasts on a daily basis.
So maybe this time go for something smaller and lighter, so your partner wouldn’t throw you out of home, because “you care more about these damned metal cans, than about me”?
I invite you to have a look at the Vehicles section of our store. You won’t find a tank, but a few very interesting vehicles are waiting for you in there.

9. You won’t be able to resist it.

As Oscar Wilde once said “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself(…)”. Let’s stop kidding ourselves here, you want it and you want it badly. So, go ahead and contact us.

10. They’re extremely unfriendly to the environment.

Unfortunately this is true and there’s no way around this issue. Everything, that is related to a tank, APC or even an ex-military car or truck is unfriendly to the environment. When these vehicles were designed and built, no one even thought about emission controls and even if one would, impact on environment would be last on the list of priorities. This is the only real downside of owning a Russian tank or any other ex-military vehicle for that matter.
That’s something you have to consider in your conscience.

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