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For over four months now, Russia has been waging a war against our neighbouring country. Since the beginning of the war, we’ve been trying to do, what we can, to help the Ukrainian people to defend its country.

If you’d like to join us, and also help, buy one of the products below, and we’ll donate 30% of the profits to the National Bank’s of Ukraine fund to support the country’s war effort.

You can read more details about this initiative in our recent blog post here.

We are the leading experts on the market of collectible ex-Warsaw Pact military vehicles. Our offer includes a wide range of vehicles, spare parts and services, which will help you to enjoy your car, truck or a tank to the fullest. With over 10 years of experience, we have spent hundreds of hours inside and underneath these beasts, learning about their strengths and weaknesses. Doesn’t matter if it’s a leak in the cooling system, torn apart road wheel or a seized engine – we are here to help and save the day.

Our offer is intended for military vehicles collectors from all over the world. Thanks to our years long experience and very wide network of contacts we are available to fulfill almost any orders. For now, we are focusing on spare parts, manuals, collectibles, accessories and clothing for fans of Soviet (or Russian) tanks, trucks and cars.  We want to help the fans and collectors of Russian military vehicles, by sharing our passion with you.

Above you will find our store full of products useful for enthusiasts of military vehicles originating from Warsaw Pact. The Blog section will be gradually filled with articles revolving around Zils, Urals, Gaz’ and tanks. Lots of tanks, because we love them as much as you! So stay tuned  for what’s to come!


With help of our mechanics we will help you to identify and fix problems with your vehicle.


Having a problem with your military vehicle you can’t fix? Our team of experienced mechanics equipped with specialized tools will fix it for you.

Technical assesments

Do you want to buy a military vehicle in Central or Eastern Europe and know it’s real condition? We can send a technician to inspect and test drive it.

Truck and tank rides

Have you ever wanted to drive 580 hp, 40 tonne steel beast? Now you can!

Driving school

Come visit us to learn how to drive and take care of a Russian tank. like a champ.


A short promotional film, a music video or a full scale movie with tanks? We can help you with that!


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Well, if you are here, you certainly must be interested in what we have to offer. Let us make you a promise – we will provide you with the best service and highest quality products in the world of ex-Warsaw Pact military vehicles.
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